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An exciting multiplayer online shooter about Robots with cryptocurrency, DeFi elements and NFT marketplace
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Free cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT Marketplace, where supply and demand are controlled by users
Make money on everything!
Buy and sell items on the NFT Marketplace, upgrade your character, weapons, and participate in high-level PVP battles and clan wars.

Don't forget to complete quests and clear the territories.
Deposit funds into the pool and play in a random team. Fight with other players, earning money and experience using your skills and cunning.
Capture the flag
You can not only fight in random combats but also create your own guild, fight shoulder to shoulder with your comrades and increase your income level
Guild system
Daily missions to clean from mobs and bosses in sectors. For completing missions the player receives bonuses and money, as well as the opportunity to upgrade robots and guns
Single Player
Problems with other of GameFi projects
  • Economics
    98% of projects use Ponzi schemes and live only 2-8 months, after which teams launch similar products.
  • Graphics
    in most crypto games, it is outright primitive. Developers strive to quickly grab some money without paying attention to the players' experience.
  • Gameplay
    93% of all projects rely on one or two mechanics. The player presses a couple of buttons and hopes to win. As a result, we have minimal involvement in the gameplay and no fun for the players. Again, this is a consequence of developers going for quick cash grab.
Our solution
Robo & Battle is an online shooter with a varied and exciting gameplay and impressive graphics
  • Battles of big robots in PVE and PVP modes
  • Various quests, missions and seasonal tournaments
  • Rewards for the most involved and successful players
In PVP, bets and prize pools will be used. The winning team takes the entire pool minus the fee.

A healthy and balanced project economy is backed by multiple sources of income. Monetization is based on advertising integrations within the game and various fees. Thanks to this, an influx of funds will be provided, which will ensure growth of the token price.

You can also buy or create powerful weapons to make your robot deadlier. Choose from a wide range of weapons, including giant shotguns, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, laser weapons and even miniature nukes. There are more than 20 types of weapons available in total.
More than 30 types of robots. Each robot has its own guns
and a slot for adding weapons


Robots in the game are divided into three classes, every class has its own set of unique abilities and its own balance of health, armor, firepower and speed.


all robot characteristics are balanced


vulnerable but fast robot with high firepower


slow robot with medium damage, but high defense and survivability



Drop chance 60%

The legendary

Drop chance 30%

Ultra bot

Drop chance 10%


Drop chance 60%

The legendary

Drop chance 30%

Ultra bot

Drop chance 10%

Ultra bot

Drop chance 10%

The legendary

Drop chance 30%


Drop chance 60%
By default, robots are controlled by artificial intelligence. But you can buy pilots and put them in a robot. They provide additional features and increased performance. You can pump them for the experience gained in each battle. Pilots can also get out of the broken equipment and continue to fight in battle.
  • Lieutenant
    Junior officer. The indicators are at a low/medium level, but they are easy to train.
  • Major
    Officer. The indicators are at an average level. Highly effective in the field and most common in combat.
  • Colonel
    Senior officer. It is characterized by a high combination of characteristics and enhanced weapons. Few people can afford such an effective fighter.
  • General
    General of the army. Maximum characteristics. Great experience of fighting. The best equipment. Rumor has it that having a general on the battlefield, the fighting spirit of the whole squad enhances power and protection.
Unique helpers in battle. They can repair robots right in the arena or attack a selected target using weapons installed in an additional slot
  • Buddy
    The first test drone of assault support. It has a light slot for weapons and small characteristics.
  • Support
    Support drone. Provides repairs on the battlefield.
  • Partner
    The partner can urgently restore the energy shield, as well as help in battle. It has slots for light weapons..
  • Smasher/devourer
    Smasher/devourer. An innovative unmanned aerial vehicle. He has heavy weapons, and is also able to open a black hole that devours all flying projectiles.

Token economy

Governance token
Robo Battle
NFT marketplace
Upgrade items
Voting rates
Rewards on all PVP, PVE,Farms zones
Pool for PVP battles + pool commission
Rewards for all missions and seasonal rewards

In-game mining and full burning when used
Experience Points
Rewards on all PVP, PVE, Farms zones
Rewards for all missions and seasonal rewards
Upgrade robots
Upgrade weapons
Upgrade skills
Creating an NFT

Road map

Creating a team

Development of the concept of game mechanics

Social networks (Twitter,
Telegram, Medium, DIscord, Youtube)

MVP (controller, game mechanics, items, multiplayer)

SEED round (NFT + token)

Smart contract (management token)

Community Development

Private Round

Security audit

Public IDO

Staking / Farms

Alpha test

Beta test

NFT Marketplace

Pre-sale of the first NFT loot boxes

Earning opportunities for early holders

New CEX listings

Official Launch (PC)

Mass PR companies

Special events and hero rentals

Introduction of guilds

Holding the first international tournaments

New game modes and maps

Adding a Gaming platform (Mobile)

Grandiose updates and development

Launching P2E "Sector Cleanup" mode

Additional earning opportunities

New listing of the RB token

There are many tournaments and exciting events that will allow everyone to make their pocket rich

And a lot of interesting things…

Updating the roadmap
Main Team
These beauties make Robot&Battle a little better every day
  • Nikolay Forkosh

    More than 5 years of experience in the crypto industry, 4 years as a project manager, 3 years in marketing and project promotion. Worked at a crypto startup Polygonym Online
  • Artem Kozadaev

    Founder of Syndicate marketing agency, more than 9 years in marketing and more than 3 years in the crypto industry.
    More than 1,500 public appearances.

  • Vitaliy Ilnitsky
    Lead UX/UI designer of Fintech and Game projects with 7+ years of experience
  • Vladislav Hurakan
    Unity Developer Game Fi projects 6+ years of experience

    He has worked with the world's top publishing studios Lion Studios and Crazy Labs. Gamejam Member 2020 и Moralis 2022
  • Said-Magomed Kurbanov
    Unity Developer, 5+ years of experience, Game Level designer

    Developed games of the genre: miniRPG, Shooter. Participant Moralis 2022
  • Mark Johnson
    Web and Blockchain development.
    4+ years of experience
  • Edward Williams
    Game designer
    4+ years of experience in designing 3D shooters
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